• What is Dru Yoga?

  • Dru comes from the Sanskrit word “Dhruva” which refers to the stillness that can be experienced in Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation. In this stillness we are able to sit back from anything that may be happening around us, and see and act from a point of clarity and inner calm.

  • What is Unique about Dru Yoga?

    Dru Registered Teacher

    The joints are kept relaxed and soft during movement creating  flexibility and a free flow of subtle energy.

    We use Energy Block Release sequences which are  easy-to-practise, flowing movements that help to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally.

    In Dru yoga all movements originate from the spine because a flexible, healthy spine supports your entire yoga practice.  The spinal wave and spinal twist are core features of Dru, enhancing spinal health and vitality.

    Core stability is a major focus.

    Dru yoga works to balance the chakras (energy centres of the body) and access the powerful energy of the heart.

    Within the flow of movement, Dru yoga creates powerful moments of stillness which we call ‘Dru points’.

    At Lakshmi yoga, our classes are tailored for the over fifties, but Dru Yoga teachers are trained to make their classes suitable for all levels of fitness – from ‘full sweat’ to ‘no sweat’!

    For more details visit druworldwide.com

  • Benefits of Dru Yoga

    From scientific research, my own experience and those of my students, I can testify to the fact that yoga, and in particular,  Dru yoga, has helped: 

    • Increase Strength, Core Stability, Flexibility and Balance 
    • Ease Aches and Pains, especially Back Pain,
    • Increase Energy Levels
    • Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Breathing,
    • Improve Resistance to Disease
    • Insomnia
    • Increase Resistance to and Ease Stress
    • Cope with and Overcome Depression and Anxiety,
    • Increase Confidence and Reduce Negative Thinking,

    Simply put, Dru yoga creates the balance in our lives that we are seeking and allows us to be the person we want to be.

  • In my entire career I have never found anything as effective as Dru yoga for resolving back pain.

    Pepe Reina - Napoli and Liverpool Football Club

  • What is Unique about Dru Meditation?

    Dru Meditation takes the practice of Dru Yoga further, in order to provide a practical path to inner peace and stillness. If you’re feeling agitated, Dru Meditation will bring you calmness, if you’re feeling exhausted, it will give you energy, if you’re feeling anxious, it will bring you peace.
    ~ You will benefit from the deep healing properties that only yoga and meditation can bring ~

    Meditation is the perfect balance between alertness and relaxation. It doesn’t matter if you practise in a chair or sitting cross legged on the floor, it’s all about quietening the mind and stilling the body.

    Dru meditation, in common with many other types of meditation, starts with  gentle awareness of the body and breath, but what makes Dru meditation so special is that it is practical and accessible. In a Dru meditation class you will practice yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques which lead you naturally into a meditative state. We then explore a variety of meditation techniques which means you can find a technique that best suit you.  You do not have to empty your mind to benefit from meditation, just enjoy the journey with a sense of acceptance.

    Dru meditation enhances the benefits of Dru yoga and helps you gain mastery over your mind and emotions. It allows you to move more deeply into the precious peace, fullness, calm and clarity that resides within you and empowers you to live from that place.

  • Dru Yoga should be available in every G.P. surgery.

    Dr Hilary Jones - GP and TV doctor

  • Dru Meditation is about finding a still inner point from which you can look at the world in a different way and discover a fresh, new perspective on your life.

    Jane O’Halloran

  • I wish I had found Dru yoga years ago

    JW - Retired

  • We hold Dru  yoga and meditation classes across Yorkshire and  North Leeds including Moortown, Adel and Otley. For more information please visit our class information page here. 

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