• If you are feeling stressed read on...

    What is stress and how does it affect us?

    The body's reaction to stress is due to our fight or flight survival mechanism and is perfectly adapted for situations where we are in imminent danger. We produce stress hormones such as adrenalin which have the following effects (designed for ability to react to danger quickly)

    • Increased muscle tension,
    • Increased heart rate 
    • Fast breathing –
    • Brain narrows focus to immediate situation
    • Less energy for systems not needed to deal with danger, such as the  digestive and  immune system

    Once we have fought or run away quickly, the stress hormones are dispersed, the brain then signals that danger is over and the body returns to balance. The problem is that many people are in a chronic state of stress, linked to lifestyle and thoughts.

    As we look at the above list of effects, it's no wonder that stress causes, among other things, tenson leading to aches and pains, high blood pressure, spinning thoughts, inability to see the bigger picture, digestive upsets and susceptability to common bugs.

    The stress response then becomes a habit pattern and a viscious circle.

    How can Dru yoga and meditation help?

    The mindful and relaxing approach of Dru yoga and meditation can significantly reduce the impact of stress and break that vsicious circle.

    • Physical movement helps disperse build up of adrenalin and release muscle tension
    • The relaxation elemnt of Dru yoga signals to the brain that the danger is over so that it can stop producing more stress hormones and return to balance
    • Energy block release sequences are specifically designed to release physical and mental tension
    • Breathing techniques work effectively on changing troubling thought patterns
    • Meditation calms the mind and helps give us a better perspective.
    • These techniques together allow the whole system to relax and rejuvenate and helps us to come up with creative solutions.
    • Support of like-minded people can reduce any feelings of isolation.

    Don't just take my word for it, take a look at the videos and try it for yourself!

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